A new section on the regional website Dealing with the Past: BLOG/VLOG

We are happy to announce that the new media product, Blog/Vlog, on our online regional platform about Dealing with the Past www.dwp-balkan.org, is officially launched. 

The DwP Blog/Vlog is a regional online platform for constructive reflection on the topics related to Dealing with the Past for the purpose of strengthening a constructive and open approach on the regional level. By using the Blog/Vlog tool we want to promote a constructive online discourse related to current topics in the field of Dealing with the Past.

Our first bloggers are Lejla Gačanica from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Milena Popović from Serbia. Lejla is a PhD candidate of legal sciences, currently working as independent Legal Advisor and Researcher. Her areas of interest are Dealing with the Past with focus on culture of memory, human rights, and constitutional rights. Milena is a journalist from Belgrade and co-author of the film ''Albanian Women Are Our Sisters''. Both bloggers have dedicated their texts to the phenomena of Memory of the Past in our societies. 

You can find blog of Lejla Gačanica on following links:
ENG: http://www.dwp-balkan.org/en/blog_one.php?cat_id=8&text_id=3 
BHSC: http://www.dwp-balkan.org/bh/blog_one.php?cat_id=8&text_id=3 

You can find blog of Milena Popović on following links:
ENG: http://www.dwp-balkan.org/en/blog_one.php?cat_id=8&text_id=4 
BHSC: http://www.dwp-balkan.org/bh/blog_one.php?cat_id=8&text_id=4

We invite all bloggers/vloggers, as well as those who want to become it, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, to open constructive debates on themes related to Dealing with the Past and to become involved in the new media platform. If you would like to contribute you can contact Sunita Dautbegović Bošnjaković, Project Manager, forumZFD Sarajevo at bosnjakovic[at]forumzfd[dot]de or info[at]dwp-balkan[dot]org.