Her and his history: Women and men deal with the past (Balkan.Perspectives magazine launch)

To mark the launch of forumZFD’s new print edition “His and her history” forumZFD held an open discussion on the topic "Gender perspective in dealing with the past" on Monday, October 10.

Why is considering gender necessary when dealing with the past? Why is legal aid important for persons who survived sexual violence in armed conflict? Besides sexual violence in conflict, what are the other gender aspects important when dealing with the past? What is the importance of experiences and empirical knowledge transfer in the process of reconciliation? Why are women during the conflict regarded solely as victims? Are there actors who are opposing the stereotype of women as victims and men as perpetrators? How are they doing this? What other narratives of women’s and men’s struggles and activism are being neglected? These were some of the questions raised during the discussion.  


Selma Korjenić is leading the programme of TRIAL International in BiH. Since 2005 Selma is working on topics related to wartime happenings in BiH, as well as rights of war victims and processes of transitional justice.

Doc. dr.sc. Zlatiborka Popov Momčilović is a professor of political sciences at the University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She published more than 60 articles dealing with the gender, activism, reconciliation, civil society and public role of religion.

Nita Gojani is a freelance consultant. She has extensive experience on the topic of conflict related sexual violence, in particular in Kosovo, where she managed a joint UN Women and EU project on gender sensitive transitional justice.

The discussion was moderated by Haris Bilalović, BHRT (The Radio and Television of BiH).