The MOnuMENTI photo exhibition presents monuments and the ‘stories’ behind them in order to show how concepts of identity have developed in the countries of the Western Balkans from the early twentieth century onwards. Attitudes to existing monuments and the establishment of new monuments reflect regional cultures of remembrance and reveal changing concepts of identity. The photographs by Marko Krojač visualise these developments and comments by authors from different academic fields contextualise each monument. The exhibition thus wishes to promote a more critical and at the same time more constructive approach to dealing with the past.

Conceptualisation of the exhibition was completed in 2011/12. Since this time, the topic of conflicting cultures of remembrance in the project region has developed further, new (local) conflicts have occurred, new relevant monuments have been installed, the general discourse on the issue has continued and, last but not least, forumZFD has gained a great deal of experience since 2012 when the first exhibition was presented in Belgrade. Given the ongoing interest in the exhibition among partners from all over Europe, we expect to present it in many more locations and contexts in the future.

The exhibition will encourage visitors to critically reflect on their own past, acknowledge the victims of other nations and question dominant nationalist and ethnically exclusive concepts of identity in the region in the process. New cooperations with civil society actors, media outlets, academics and cultural organisations/institutions are being established as a result of the exhibition’s display.


  • MOnuMENTImotion represents Bosnia and Herzegovina

    10-14-2015 As part of the international animated film festival Banjalukanima 2015 in Banja Luka, the animated film MonuMENTImotion initaded and produced by forumZFD and directed by Muhamed Kafedzič Muha from Sarajevo was chosen for the official selection of this years festival. read more

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