MemorInmotion goes Western Balkans - Educational Initiatives on culture of remembrance

The series of activities under "MemorInmotion goes Western Balkans" proposed by forumZFD in BiH together with local partners, is a continuation of the first edition of the pedagogical tool “MemorInmotion” (2014/2105).

The new tool to be updated, reedited and printed by July 2016, aims to train teachers and educators of the formal and non-formal education sector as well as NGO representatives working in the field of dealing with the past and memory. The pedagogical tool will offer the opportunity to extend their resources for the education and development of the youth.

The Project is planned as a direct follow-up activity to the educational trainings proposed in 2015 "The lessons from the past- the tools for the future“ which referred to the implementation of educational trainings for teachers and educators on the tool. Together with local partners EUROCLIO HIP BiH and the further cooperation with Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), Humanity in Action, Mreža za izgradnju mira (Network for building peace) and pax christi Aachen, it is the aim to re-edit the tool, enrich it with new material provided through the shortfilm/documentary animation movie contest "Moments-Monuments-Movements" and to add translations in Albanian and Macedonian.

A promotional tour of education and culture of remembrance in Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and BiH will be realized in September/October to offer start-up trainings of the trainers to multipliers. In order to propose an open space for communication, exchange and resources to actors/educators working in dealing with the past an online educational platform "MemorInmotionline" will be created and hosted at the partner webpage of EUROCLIO-HIP BiH.

A regional conference "Peace education in culture of remembrance: the lessons, the actors and their tools" with experts on the pedagogical tool but also extended to other actors working with different or similar tools and manuals, is planned to be organized in Sarajevo by December 2016. The Conference will be a forum including participants as multipliers from the Western Balkans who will exchange on different methodologies and contents on inclusive education in culture of remembrance through workshops, presentations, exhibitions, roundtables and plenary discussions.


Other activities