Living together - Inspiring stories from difficult times

The 'Living Together' project involved filming five documentaries and ten research articles about 'positive examples' during the wars in former Yugoslavia. It was initially supported by the EU media fund. The Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (IJAV) initiated this project together with their partner, the Association of BH Journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reflecting on the case of a young man called Srđjan Aleksić from Trebinje who finally became a hero ten years after the war in former Yugoslavia, implementing partners believed it was time to speak out about similar acts of heroism, for instance by producing documentary movies and research journalism.

This approach and topic went perfectly with forumZFD’s focus topic in 2015: civil courage (of a priest, journalists who stand for their principles, committed peace activists, dignified sportsmen, a good neighbour who risked his life to save children from death, etc.).

forumZFD’s contribution involved organising additional screenings/debates in remote areas of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and introducing this topic across all regions. Furthermore, the personal and regional connections of forumZFD staff meant that the documentaries could be shown at important festivals, such as the Sarajevo Film Festival, Palić Film Festival, etc.

The promotional phase started in January 2015 and has continued throughout the year. The high number of views of the documentaries broadcast via national TV and local stations, as well as participants’ interest in discussing the films after live screenings confirm that this is a promising approach to the difficult topics of our past.


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