Lessons from the Past - Tools for the Future

In partnership with the Association of History Teachers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUROCLIO HIP BiH), Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR-BiH), Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Anne Frank House, forumZFD in Bosnia and Herzegovina develops and implements training for future trainers of the “MemorInmotion” pedagogical tool, which aims to promote a culture of remembrance and the role of monuments therein. The pedagogical and didactic “MemorInmotion” toolkit initiated and developed by forumZFD is the result of teamwork between professors and teachers from BiH and art historians from BiH and abroad. Contributions from representatives of the non-governmental organizations active in the fields of non-violent conflict resolution, peacebuilding and human rights questions were taken into account.

Trained participants are expected to improve their knowledge and skills of the culture of remembrance and monuments and are then be able to conduct workshops with their students/peers on the culture of remembrance based on the “MemorInmotion” pedagogical tool. The trained participants will thus have the opportunity to encourage young people to take a critical stance to the process of memorialisation, actively engage with history and recognise its role in the process of memorialisation, and encourage alternative forms of thinking on remembrance.

Training is organised in Sarajevo, Doboj, Srebrenica, Mostar, Jajce, Prijedor, Brčko and Tuzla for the university professors and high school teachers of history, sociology and democracy and human rights, as well as educators in non-formal education from the aforementioned cities and their surroundings. Additional training is also organised for partners from the Western Balkans.

In December 2015, a networking conference with the participation of the trainees from BiH and the Western Balkans will evaluate the different experiences gained through the trainings and tool implementation. It will also offer key actors the opportunity to share and present other relevant tools and programs of peace education in BiH and the Western Balkans.

More about the pedagogical tool http://muhaonline.com/mim/



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