Gender, peacebuilding and right-wing politics – Panel discussion and educational module in Belgrade

Last weekend, two connected events dealing with the topic “Gender and Peacebuilding” were organized in Belgrade’s Center for Cultural Decontamination, as a result of the cooperation of forumZFD and the Center for Women’s Studies in Belgrade.

On Friday, September 22nd, there first was a panel discussion dealing with women and right-wing politics with four speakers from different areas of the Western Balkans region. The panelists were sharing their thoughts on gender, right-wing politics and peace activism while discussing the current situation in their respective countries.

The following speakers were participating in the debate:

- Nataša Bijelić, Center for Education, Counseling and Research, Zagreb

- Irena Cvetkovik, Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities, Skoplje

- Gorana Mlinarević, activist, Sarajevo

- Izabela Kisić, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Belgrade

- Moderation: Nađa Duhaček from the Center for Women’s Studies in Belgrade.

The panel opened with the screening of the film “What Right-Wing Women Want”, produced by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia. You can watch the movie here (Serbian with English subtitles):


On the following day, 20 participants gathered in the early morning to attend the educational module and get the chance to learn more about the topics discussed during the panel. They participated in the following workshops led by experts in this field:

- Gender and Peacebuilding, Marijana Stojčić (Žene u crnom – Women in Black)

- Women and Right-Wing politics in Serbia, Jelena Višnjić (BeFem Cultural Center)

- Peace and feminist activism, Nađa Duhaček (Center for Women’s Studies)


During the following weeks, the participants will write on their own papers each focusing on a different aspect of the topics mentioned above. The texts will be published online in the form of a blog. 



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