Four Faces of Omarska

Four Faces of Omarska is an ongoing art project that questions strategies of memorial production from the position of those whose experience and knowledge have been subjugated, excluded and disqualified, pushed outside public remembrance and public history. The project comprises networks of human relations, experiences, their opinions and discussions on the three eras and four faces of the Omarska mine: 1) The Omarska mining complex, a surface iron ore mine in Bosnia during the Socialist era; 2) The Omarska camp, a place of mass killings and torture in the 1990s wars on the territory of the former Yugoslavia; 3) The Omarska mining complex, owned by the transnational steel corporation, ArcelorMittal; 4) Omarska as the film location for the historical ethno-blockbuster St. George Shoots the Dragon (Sveti Georgije ubiva aždahu, 2007).

The Four Faces of Omarska working group departs from the position that art is a public asset; a space of production, of knowledge and emancipatory politics; a public sphere with the potential to form a platform for diverse and opposite subjectivities, politics and economies; a site of the struggle for political subjectivation; a way of closing the gap between knowledge and wisdom.

During five years of committed work, the Four Faces of Omarska working group produced a wide range of audiovisual materials. Its members originate from different areas of the humanities (political science, history of art, philosophy, architecture and visual arts). The archive compiled contains witness testimonies of traumatic events from the war in BiH, commemorations in the former Omarska concentration camp near Prijedor, as well as a multitude of archive material from the Omarska mine during the Socialist era.


The Four Faces of Omarska working group wants to produce newsletters on film as a way of showing and reusing the collected and well-sorted material. The project aims to inform the Serbian public on war crimes and its precondition and consequences, decreasing denial while simultaneously strengthening our society’s reconciliation capacities.

Other activities