"Balkan.Perspectives" magazine

The Balkan.Perspectives magazine is an answer to the conflicting historical narratives in the Western Balkans and aims to present alternative memory and ways of dealing with the past in Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It offers a platform to regional and local actors committed to inclusive ways of confronting the past.

forumZFD wishes to offer readers multiple perspectives and to make the topic of dealing with the past more tangible to the societies in the Western Balkans.

The magazine will be published three times a year in four different languages (Macedonian, Albanian, BCS and English).

Each publication will be accompanied by a public discussion in one of our project countries with participants from the whole region. During these events, the panellists and wider public will have the opportunity to discuss the main magazine topics and to foster the regional discourse on dealing with the past and cultures of remembrance.

Please email balkan.perspectives[at]forumzfd[dot]de to subscribe to receive the magazine on a regular basis or to contribute articles, announcements or images.

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